How to Play

Follow these steps:

  • The Guilford History Scavenger Hunt challenges you to find fascinating landmarks from Guilford's history! The scavenger hunt is presented within this website, optimized for use on a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Navigate through the hunt using the forward and back arrows that appear on each page.
  • Find each item and, as you do, LISTEN carefully to the audio description that accompanies it. PLEASE NOTE that some scavenger hunt items are on private property and will be identified as such on the page for the item. They are all visible from the street, so there's no need to venture onto the property :)

This scavenger hunt will use about 30 Megabytes of data. If you would like to download the website to use on your phone, you will need to download an archive file, uncompress it and save it to your phone. Please contact Lisa Coady for instructions.